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A Vengeful Affair - Carmen Falcone This book should come with a warning. Maybe even two!

Warning #1
I bought this book on the day it came out but my own writing and the London Olympics got in the way and I didn't get any reading done. After finally finishing a book late last night, I picked this one up and told myself I'd just read a chapter to check it out. Yeah, I know. Stupid! Fast forward three hours and I reached the end. Unfortunately, that meant the middle of the night and it was only another fours hours before my kids tend to get up. Matchsticks anyone?

Warning #2
This book is pretty darn hot so expect fireworks. My only slight niggle is some of the graphic language used as I don't think it needed it, but that could be down to individual preference.

So.... onto the plot. I loved it and was quickly absorbed in the story taking me on a wild roller-coaster of a journey. I laughed, I swooned, I got cross, I even shed a tear, walking in the footsteps of the two main characters, Vivian and Javier, so strong, proud, determined and loyal yet utterly flawed the pair of them.

This book is the debut release by Carmen Falcone but based on A Vengeful Affair, this author is now on my 'auto-buy' list. I will definitely be recommending it, after all, it's a pretty rare occurrence for a romance author to get top marks from me!