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We'll Always Have Paris - Jessica Hart I felt very privileged and thrilled to find a copy of this book on my doormat from Jessica Hart today and I am delighted to be able to review it. I read the book over the course of the next few hours, only putting it down in order to do the school run, picking it up again as soon as I got back.

I took to the characters instantly, being quirky and believable, coming to life off the page so that I enjoyed following their story, rooting for them throughout. The locations were fun and I could almost imagine I was there with them, the descriptions conjuring vivid images and bringing back memories of my own. I even felt like singing along at times LOL and could happily fall for the not-so-typical-alpha hero myself.

I wavered between giving a rating of 4 and 5, falling somewhere in-between, but I don't get to do halves. The story-telling, characters and plot were excellent but I found the change of perspective a little jarring, often having to backtrack and check for the switch. This is perhaps more to do with me not being used to the style of switching point-of-view without a break than the writing itself though, and is something I could probably get used to. (NB: the ratings on Goodreads and Amazon differ slightly, hence it being a 4 here and a 5 on Amazon, both meaning 'I really liked it')

Although I do own another title by this author, it is part of the 'Loving Our Heroes' anthology that I haven't got around to reading yet, so this was my first introduction to her writing and I would happily seek out Jessica Hart books in future.

Overall, this was a thoroughly enjoyable read that prompted a few laughs and leaking eyes. I would happily recommend this book for a light-hearted, warm & fuzzy, enjoyable read and a pleasant escape.